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So I found out one of the bars I liked back home is closing. And I’m shockingly upset about it. I mean, I’m allowed to leave but everything there has to stay the same. Everyone else will be able to find themselves a new bar, they’ll traipse through Maplewood and South City and downtown finding whatever it is that’s out there to find and I won’t ever know what they’re finding.

And I guess that’s the problem with moving. Because nothing will stay the same. Except me and I’m so very far away.

I have other stuff to post about, like a bath stuff purchase and Friendsgiving and the Muppets movie but I think I just vaguely want to sulk. That’s fair, right?


on some other planet

I have finished Big Writerly Project. Actually, what happened is that my cohort got sick and his wife went into labor so I scrapped the whole first draft, which was extensive, and rewrote the whole thing before popping off to the gym yesterday. And I just finished Lovefool for the week so I’m done for a few days.

I actually did most of those things I said I was going to do Sunday, buying things for Thanksgiving and circuit training and finishing Big Writerly Project. I also made potato soup from scratch and threw stuff into the breadmaker so we had some bread to eat with our potato soup and watched an entire movie. That’s all I did, watched a movie, and messed around with my phone periodically when something came through on it. It was so weird, just watching a movie and not doing anything else. The only time I do that is when I’m sick.

Speaking of my phone, I sent my dad a text today, just kind of a ping, and he ignored it. So there was that. I’ll send him another one tomorrow, maybe. I don’t know. It’s so hard to always be the one to make the first move but I enjoy my distance sometimes, if that makes sense. 

Of course, I say that now, while we’re just sliding into the holiday season and before I have to face those without my family and friends and peeps. It’ll be weird having a birthday without 30 of my nearest and dearest stopping by. But I’m surprisingly okay with this Omaha thing so far. By this time in our Fort Wayne stay, I was a complete basketcase. The two situations can hardly be compared but this one is pretty stressful, too. It’s a different kind of stress, I suppose, but still… 

Speaking of, we still haven’t gotten our rent check for this month. I don’t even budget it in. Sigh.

So, yeah, I went to work today and it was completely draining, like every other overtime Monday ever, but they had pie for sale in the food court and I JUST sent Lovefool off to my editor and I’m straight up getting ready to close this laptop and go to bed. We have survived Monday, darlings, mostly intact. It counts.

(The movie was Notting Hill, if you’re curious.)

this entry brought to you by “Violet Hill”

So you’re probably wondering where I was last night. Well, truth be told, I fell asleep at 10:30 while we were watching a Rush dvd.

Yeah, you wish your life was as awesome as ours. Anyway, I also didn’t have much to say because, frankly, it seems like I can only work on one project at a time and Big Writerly Project has just become, three days before deadline, a solo endeavor. Which is fine, I’ll just rethink the concept and write a much shorter, more traditional sort of review. Which is not a big deal and probably will actually result in a better product. It will be a lot shorter and, therefore, readable. Attention spans just ain’t what they used to be.

It’s pretty weird, though, that I’m not freaking out about not making this arbitrary goal that I’ve set for myself because, a month ago, I think I would’ve completely lost it over screwing this up but, truth be told, I feel like I’m doing well enough at the things that I’ve set out to do in this month – going to the gym, writing more, generally being a better human being – that missing one night of writing this blog is not the thing that it would’ve been. It’s not about the quantity, maybe, but the quality.

And we had a pretty quality night last night. Today, I went to the gym and watched Nebraska (us) start to lose to Michigan and then I went car shopping with a friend and her mother. It started off with interstate driving and iffy directions and a semi-sketchy car dealership but things smoothed out after we grabbed lunch and it was a fun day. Then we had a Friendsgiving planning session with our neighbors.

I have also decided that, when the time comes, I totally want to look into cars. I was pretty sure I wanted a used VW Passat but everything after this year will have a bleh redesign, though it’s unlikely I’d be able to afford anything this year or later, even considering it will be AT LEAST late 2013 before I’m looking. It’s the ultimate car for ladies who may or may not be on their way to growing up. Sure, it’s all zippy and neat but it also will hold kids fairly easily, should that be a thing that is in our future. And, to be honest, it probably is. It’s a little spendy so we’ll definitely wait until Will’s car is paid off before we even consider something like that, but the erinmobile is serving me well right now and I’m hopeful my luck will hold. Honestly, a new car is something nice to think about maybe happening someday but I probably won’t really, really think about it until the erinmobile just refuses to go anymore. I don’t know. It’s scary, thinking about things like that. New cars and other assorted grown up trappings.

In fact, I feel guilty even writing that. I love my current car. But it’s 13 years old and has god knows how many miles on it. (Seriously, he’s the only one who would have any idea since the odometer doesn’t always work.)

Okay. This has been fun, thanks to, which is providing me a new kitten every hundred words. But I should probably go work on Big Writerly Project and then go to sleep. I’m fairly excited about sleep. I’m glad I moved to Omaha because it has totally given me Good Habits, like sleeping but not sleeping until noon, which jacks up your sleep schedule, and the gym and other assorted things. In fact, I may go to sleep now in order to get up early to work on Big Writerly Project. I do have to revamp that and also write Lovefool so tomorrow’s a big day. A big, worky day. I should also go get stuff for Thanksgiving dinner and it’s a circuit training day so tomorrow is going to be a hot mess for a Sunday. Thank goodness for a mid-week day off.

(I was totally tricked into working the day after Thanksgiving but the good news is that it’s only four hours. So all’s not lost…)


If I just write about how sleepy I am and that I went to the gym and that all I did other than that was work and watch The IT Crowd and paint my nails, does it count as a day’s entry?

I think that after I’m done making myself prove a point, I will only write when I’ve got something worth everybody’s time. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll keep writing until I’ve got something worth it.

Read read read read read read.

Do y’all have Half Price Books out there? They’re pretty rad.

I am currently reading a book about a Single Female Lawyer who ends up wishing herself from LA to ancient Rome and it’s good but also pretty silly. Earlier, I was feeling sketchy so I skipped the gym and came home and said hi to my neighbor and then Will and I ate Chinese food and watched The IT Crowd, which is very British.

Not-so-secretly, I totally long to be British. Sigh.

The sleeps, they approach.

Once again, I’m writing this in bed on my phone. This is not necessarily unusual, this being in bed before 9 on a Tuesday. Tuesdays are, for some reason, even more exhausting than Monday sometimes. Maybe because I’m expecting Monday. Maybe because they never seem to have any gd taco salad when I think they will. No, I don’t want your sketchy Chinese food, food court. Taco Salad Tuesday is a thing. Don’t mess with it. We did have tacos at home, though, with some gorgeous avocados from Target. Target! Who knew?

Or maybe it’s the cardio and studying for professional certification. I don’t know. One of those things did it.

(I am getting certified in customer service, which kinda frightens me for the future but I’m informed looks good on a resume and/or business card. Okay.)

Tuesdays. Why?

write write write write write write.

So I’m just about done with my part on Big Writerly Project and I wrote Lovefool and, therefore, I am going to go to bed and read and totally neglect this but let you know that I’m neglecting it so I don’t miss a day.


P.S. This is a copout, I know, but I’m just too tired to play ball. Please believe that I love each and every one of you and I will be back with Interesting Things tomorrow. At least as interesting as it gets around here.

Oh, Sunday.

Here is a progress report on doing ALL THE THINGS.

1. Buy a rake, a storage thingy for my desk so I can empty the chairs next to it and a plastic thing for cat food. ARG. There is always something.

2. Sort some things. (Mainly my “office” area.) Intimidating.

3. Make gooey butter cookies?

4. Do things with laundry. Like laundry.
5. Paint my nails. They’re getting long enough that they’re starting to look a little raggedy.
6. Balance our checkbooks.
7. Sort out this shoe situation. They’re everywhere. They’re starting to take over. But I kind of like having my shoes downstairs. It’s where I leave the house from and I don’t have to worry about falling down the stairs if I’m wearing heels.
8. Catch up on Big Writerly Project. I watched the last of what I needed to watch, kind of, sort of, now I just need to finish writing about it. I’m also waiting on some stuff for it, too.

9. Clean the living room. Definitely clean the living room.

I did go the gym today, even though I really didn’t want to. It makes me wonder if I’m forming a habit and that makes me feel weird because I’m not sure I’ve ever had a habit that didn’t involve slowly killing myself in some way.

So that’s where I am on the day/weekend/whatever. We had chili last night that Mr. J made and it was pretty delicious. It’s three on Sunday, which always has a certain sense of foreboding about it. Oh, well. I need to go assemble a hutch. I also still owe my friend a mix but I’m afraid that it was for a certain place and I’m not sure I want to send it now. I wish mail involved less leaving the house. Or that there was a post office with the automated thing nearby. That’d be nice. And I also have to write Lovefool. So, umm, there’s that, too.

Okay. Hutch assembly. No, really.

you know what some might say…

Gosh, indeed. I think winter is coaxing me back into bad habits. Sure, I’m going to the gym but I’ve also been drinking more and slouching around on the weekends not doing a damned thing that’s even remotely productive. And I’m not even going to lie – having a daily record of what I’ve been up to is making me look bad, mostly because I’ve spent the month of November being lazy, Big Writerly Project and hiding at the gym aside, and drinking too much delicious alcoholic cider. Check yourself, Ms. Jameson. Just because the days are getting shorter and colder and those pesky holidays are coming up is no excuse for you to act like a frat boy. Mr. Bffl will start sending concerned missives soon if we don’t get our act together.

So! Today, I am going to do the daylights out of ALL THE THINGS. Let’s see.

1. Buy a rake, a storage thingy for my desk so I can empty the chairs next to it and a plastic thing for cat food.
2. Sort some things. (Mainly my “office” area.)
3. Make gooey butter cookies?
4. Do things with laundry. Like laundry.
5. Paint my nails. They’re getting long enough that they’re starting to look a little raggedy.
6. Balance our checkbooks.
7. Sort out this shoe situation. They’re everywhere. They’re starting to take over.
8. Catch up on Big Writerly Project.
9. Clean the living room. Definitely clean the living room.

(Is it strange that I am very definitely a “Ms” in my mind? I understand that, technically, I’m a “Mrs” but I like to be a lady with a bit of mystery. Also, it’s easier to say.)

In the meantime, here is the second part of the intro that I posted yesterday. I’m still working on the names and this is very, very rough draft but, hey, in for a penny, yeah?

Ellie laughed and closed her locker, having finished her inspection for hangers-on. “The docs in?”

“Most of them. They’re all back in the rooms making sure they’re ready to go. Cleaning. Whatever it is they do back there. Sharpening their needles.”

“Waiting on me tonight, were you?” Ellie and Barney had been working together here for about a year and were fairly good friends, which made the job easier. She just laughed again when Barney stood up and made a grand gesture, half wave and half bow, indicating she should proceed him out of the break room and into the main part of the building. She tugged down her grey t-shirt and headed out to the main desk, carefully placed between two doors and in front of another. Flinging herself into her seat with enough force that it started to spin, she flipped on her computer and started taking a look at the night’s appointments. From her vantage point, she could look all the way down a tastefully beige hallway that led from the service entrance to her desk and saw Barney settling down on a tall office chair right next to the door itself, his book on a tall table next to him.

The time slowly inched closer to ten pm and, finally, at 9:57, Barney looked up at Ellie, pointed to his wrist and smiled. Ellie rolled her eyes back at him and put an earpiece in one ear and saw him do the same.

“How’s it looking out there?” Ellie touched a button on a panel that connected her directly to Barney. She liked to be prepared.

“Not bad. Got a few but not a big crowd. It is Tuesday, after all. Everyone’s probably still pretty full from the weekend. Maybe the folks here tonight worked it all off.”

“Gluttons.” Ellie pursed her lips as she disconnected Barney and hit another button that connected her to the back of the facility, to a small space where the docs typically gathered between patients. “Ready for the milkrun, docs?”

“Bring it. I suppose.” A drawling female voice that sounded decidedly bored answered her.

“Why, Amanda, I am shocked that you’re not more enthusiastic. Happy Tuesday!” Ellie disconnected that line as well, before hitting yet another button, this one to connect her to a PA that broadcast throughout the building.

“Attention staff. I’m letting the suckers in.” Giving any leftover cleaning staff a few seconds to make themselves scarce if they wanted to, she hit yet another button, this one setting a series of locks behind the service door whirring. Hitting the button to reach Barney again, she muttered a playful “Ready or not.”

“I’m ready.” Barney patted a long pocket in his cargo pants that she knew would open in an instant to reveal a long, wooden stake. And with that, Fayetteville Blood Bank was open for the evening.

Friday night. Gosh.

So tonight, I went to the gym and I was so about to cop out after the elliptical when David Bowie saved my workout. The song in question, Mr. Bowie’s “Little Wonder”, is approximately six minutes long so it allowed me to get past that done-ellipticalling-want-to-go-home hump and into my circuit training. It practically catapulted me to the thigh-torture-machine and I was propelled through the rest of my workout and I left feeling smug indeed.

Not that I’m not ruining it all by drinking some cider, anyway.

Fun fact! I do not have (What’s The Story) Morning Glory on my laptop. Isn’t that bizarre? And, yes, I am straight up listening to Oasis and drinking cider and getting ready to watch Doctor Who. (JG,FE, this isn’t an episode I’m supposed to start, it’s Steve’s gig and we’re on it and it’s Friday night.) iTunes is informing me that Oasis is “indie rock”, which is awesome because it means that I was indie when I was, like, wee. Wikipedia informs me that it came out in 1995.

ARG. It is hours later. We have watched many Doctor Who’s, which means I am reviewing while drunk and also trusting in apple’s autocorrect, and…well, you know. These things happen. I feel slightly guilty for judging Steven Moffat on Season One of his gig. Seems slightly unfair.

Anyway. I have to post this while it’s still today and I have had just enough to drink to share the first part of a book I wrote with you. Seriously, I wrote a book. The heroine is called Ellie. I like that name. And this is a very first draft.

Ellie Fitzgerald was not a morning person. It was just as well, then, that her alarm started going off at around five pm every evening, leaving her a good five hours with which to get up, sometimes after the sun had gone down, and get ready to face her day. Or night, as the case may be. Either way, every day at five pm, her old-fashioned alarm clock would start ringing, reminding her that she’d made it through another night, avoided the heat of the day and that it was time to wake up to the world. Ellie loved it. It was a running joke that she was half-vampire in the Fitzgerald house, given that she could barely function before noon. They’d laughed when she told them she had a night job. They hadn’t laughed so much when she told them what it was.

So Ellie would wake up, more or less around five, eat either dinner or breakfast and putter around until about nine pm, leaving her plenty of time to finish whatever chores she had to do, spend some time with her cats and get ready for work. She was one of those fortunate creatures who worked somewhere with a fairly lax dress code so she would normally throw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt (blank, of course, wouldn’t do to start any unnecessary conversations with the customers) and a pair of sneakers and head out to the streets. Being one of those people who was vocationally charmed, it seemed, she lived close enough to work to bike so she would hop on her trusty metal steed and pedal through the streets. It was late summer so the last of the sun had slipped under the horizon but the weather was still warm enough that Ellie had just picked up a backpack and left her jacket at home.

Arriving at a carefully nondescript two-story building in a part of town currently being redeveloped, she’d maneuver her bike down the oddly busy block, nodding at acquaintances as she went, and finally turn down an alleyway of the sort that nice girls shouldn’t be casually biking down. Ellie wasn’t worried, though. She knew exactly what went bump in the night. She also knew it was probably pretty nibbly and that she was the grocery store clerk, so to speak, and the bumps in the night knew they better be nice to her. Chaining her bike up under the small white sign that said “FBB Service Entrance”, she’d punch a code in the startlingly solid metal door and wait briefly while a series of disconcerting noises happened behind the door. Eventually, a small green light would set itself aglow and Ellie would shoo away the random hopefuls who took advantage of her pause to ask if they were open and head inside. And so Ellie’s days started, sometimes the only change being the selection of a jacket or not, and this one was no different.

“Busy night already, Ells,” a solid wall of man casually mentioned when she got into the break room to put her backpack away. Barney was technically the night watchman for the Bank, a misleading title, since none of them actually seemed to do what their job descriptions said they did. Barney was more of a friendly bouncer, making sure that everything moved through the center properly. Ellie herself had signed a contract giving her the title of night dispatcher but she was really more of a receptionist and the last wave of crowd control. At least that’s what the military-grade taser under her desk made her. Barney didn’t carry one, having his own set of tools.

“Oh?” Ellie moved over to a bank of lockers, the grey metal kind found in seemingly every break room in America, and started carefully checking her reflection to make sure there weren’t any bugs stuck around her helmet line.

“The phone was ringing off the hook when I got here at 8:45.” Barney laid down the book he was currently reading and grinned up at Ellie, “I just made sure it stayed off the hook until we open.”