on some other planet

I have finished Big Writerly Project. Actually, what happened is that my cohort got sick and his wife went into labor so I scrapped the whole first draft, which was extensive, and rewrote the whole thing before popping off to the gym yesterday. And I just finished Lovefool for the week so I’m done for a few days.

I actually did most of those things I said I was going to do Sunday, buying things for Thanksgiving and circuit training and finishing Big Writerly Project. I also made potato soup from scratch and threw stuff into the breadmaker so we had some bread to eat with our potato soup and watched an entire movie. That’s all I did, watched a movie, and messed around with my phone periodically when something came through on it. It was so weird, just watching a movie and not doing anything else. The only time I do that is when I’m sick.

Speaking of my phone, I sent my dad a text today, just kind of a ping, and he ignored it. So there was that. I’ll send him another one tomorrow, maybe. I don’t know. It’s so hard to always be the one to make the first move but I enjoy my distance sometimes, if that makes sense. 

Of course, I say that now, while we’re just sliding into the holiday season and before I have to face those without my family and friends and peeps. It’ll be weird having a birthday without 30 of my nearest and dearest stopping by. But I’m surprisingly okay with this Omaha thing so far. By this time in our Fort Wayne stay, I was a complete basketcase. The two situations can hardly be compared but this one is pretty stressful, too. It’s a different kind of stress, I suppose, but still… 

Speaking of, we still haven’t gotten our rent check for this month. I don’t even budget it in. Sigh.

So, yeah, I went to work today and it was completely draining, like every other overtime Monday ever, but they had pie for sale in the food court and I JUST sent Lovefool off to my editor and I’m straight up getting ready to close this laptop and go to bed. We have survived Monday, darlings, mostly intact. It counts.

(The movie was Notting Hill, if you’re curious.)


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