Oh, Sunday.

Here is a progress report on doing ALL THE THINGS.

1. Buy a rake, a storage thingy for my desk so I can empty the chairs next to it and a plastic thing for cat food. ARG. There is always something.

2. Sort some things. (Mainly my “office” area.) Intimidating.

3. Make gooey butter cookies?

4. Do things with laundry. Like laundry.
5. Paint my nails. They’re getting long enough that they’re starting to look a little raggedy.
6. Balance our checkbooks.
7. Sort out this shoe situation. They’re everywhere. They’re starting to take over. But I kind of like having my shoes downstairs. It’s where I leave the house from and I don’t have to worry about falling down the stairs if I’m wearing heels.
8. Catch up on Big Writerly Project. I watched the last of what I needed to watch, kind of, sort of, now I just need to finish writing about it. I’m also waiting on some stuff for it, too.

9. Clean the living room. Definitely clean the living room.

I did go the gym today, even though I really didn’t want to. It makes me wonder if I’m forming a habit and that makes me feel weird because I’m not sure I’ve ever had a habit that didn’t involve slowly killing myself in some way.

So that’s where I am on the day/weekend/whatever. We had chili last night that Mr. J made and it was pretty delicious. It’s three on Sunday, which always has a certain sense of foreboding about it. Oh, well. I need to go assemble a hutch. I also still owe my friend a mix but I’m afraid that it was for a certain place and I’m not sure I want to send it now. I wish mail involved less leaving the house. Or that there was a post office with the automated thing nearby. That’d be nice. And I also have to write Lovefool. So, umm, there’s that, too.

Okay. Hutch assembly. No, really.


One thought on “Oh, Sunday.

  1. Mike Rengel says:

    Non-lethal habits are so hard to develop & maintain, but they are Good Things. Keep at it, yo.

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