Read read read read read read.

Do y’all have Half Price Books out there? They’re pretty rad.

I am currently reading a book about a Single Female Lawyer who ends up wishing herself from LA to ancient Rome and it’s good but also pretty silly. Earlier, I was feeling sketchy so I skipped the gym and came home and said hi to my neighbor and then Will and I ate Chinese food and watched The IT Crowd, which is very British.

Not-so-secretly, I totally long to be British. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Read read read read read read.

  1. Mike Rengel says:

    I miss Half Price Books! There was one literally a block from my office in Berkeley, across the street from where I came out of the subway — I was in there all the time on my lunch hour, after work, etc. Cheap CDs and amazing 2ndhand book deals. I’m jealous.

    • erin says:

      I looooove Half Price Books. We got approximately a million books there for thirty bucks and it was awesome and amazing and fabulous. But not as fabulous as if it had been across from the subway on the way to work.

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