I would like to do each and every one of these things this summer:

1. Learn a Cure song on guitar.

2. Eat five servings of vegetables every single day. As a vegetarian, you’d think this would be easier for me but, alas, not so much.

3. Go to the zoo.

4. Go to the local art museum.

5. Paint a picture.

6. Get a tan. A nice one, not my usual weird one.

7. Go to LouFest.

8. Finish the scarf I started a million years ago and then actually learn how to knit for real, not just lumpy scarves.

9. See some movies in the theater.

10. Make myself a nice summer dress.

11. Write a novel. No, really, stop being a lazy ass and write a novel, Jameson. 

12. Read all the books.

13. Have a party. Possibly with sushi but probably not.

13a. Have a sushi night at home.

14. Go do karaoke at Crescent Moon one Saturday.

15. Be better at correspondence. 


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