Monthly Archives: May 2012


I would like to do each and every one of these things this summer:

1. Learn a Cure song on guitar.

2. Eat five servings of vegetables every single day. As a vegetarian, you’d think this would be easier for me but, alas, not so much.

3. Go to the zoo.

4. Go to the local art museum.

5. Paint a picture.

6. Get a tan. A nice one, not my usual weird one.

7. Go to LouFest.

8. Finish the scarf I started a million years ago and then actually learn how to knit for real, not just lumpy scarves.

9. See some movies in the theater.

10. Make myself a nice summer dress.

11. Write a novel. No, really, stop being a lazy ass and write a novel, Jameson. 

12. Read all the books.

13. Have a party. Possibly with sushi but probably not.

13a. Have a sushi night at home.

14. Go do karaoke at Crescent Moon one Saturday.

15. Be better at correspondence. 


Saturday morning, Jameson style.

“Hey, do you want some more coffee? Also, would you be Son of Jame or Son of James? I mean, there’s an extra s missing there.”

“It’s probably a contraction and I can’t believe you tricked me into this conversation with the promise of coffee.”
“I’ll make the coffee, I just wanted to know. It’s not right. It should have two s’s.”
“I’m sure it was there at some point.”
“Oh. … I’ll go make the coffee.”