The sleeps, they approach.

Once again, I’m writing this in bed on my phone. This is not necessarily unusual, this being in bed before 9 on a Tuesday. Tuesdays are, for some reason, even more exhausting than Monday sometimes. Maybe because I’m expecting Monday. Maybe because they never seem to have any gd taco salad when I think they will. No, I don’t want your sketchy Chinese food, food court. Taco Salad Tuesday is a thing. Don’t mess with it. We did have tacos at home, though, with some gorgeous avocados from Target. Target! Who knew?

Or maybe it’s the cardio and studying for professional certification. I don’t know. One of those things did it.

(I am getting certified in customer service, which kinda frightens me for the future but I’m informed looks good on a resume and/or business card. Okay.)

Tuesdays. Why?


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