this entry brought to you by “Violet Hill”

So you’re probably wondering where I was last night. Well, truth be told, I fell asleep at 10:30 while we were watching a Rush dvd.

Yeah, you wish your life was as awesome as ours. Anyway, I also didn’t have much to say because, frankly, it seems like I can only work on one project at a time and Big Writerly Project has just become, three days before deadline, a solo endeavor. Which is fine, I’ll just rethink the concept and write a much shorter, more traditional sort of review. Which is not a big deal and probably will actually result in a better product. It will be a lot shorter and, therefore, readable. Attention spans just ain’t what they used to be.

It’s pretty weird, though, that I’m not freaking out about not making this arbitrary goal that I’ve set for myself because, a month ago, I think I would’ve completely lost it over screwing this up but, truth be told, I feel like I’m doing well enough at the things that I’ve set out to do in this month – going to the gym, writing more, generally being a better human being – that missing one night of writing this blog is not the thing that it would’ve been. It’s not about the quantity, maybe, but the quality.

And we had a pretty quality night last night. Today, I went to the gym and watched Nebraska (us) start to lose to Michigan and then I went car shopping with a friend and her mother. It started off with interstate driving and iffy directions and a semi-sketchy car dealership but things smoothed out after we grabbed lunch and it was a fun day. Then we had a Friendsgiving planning session with our neighbors.

I have also decided that, when the time comes, I totally want to look into cars. I was pretty sure I wanted a used VW Passat but everything after this year will have a bleh redesign, though it’s unlikely I’d be able to afford anything this year or later, even considering it will be AT LEAST late 2013 before I’m looking. It’s the ultimate car for ladies who may or may not be on their way to growing up. Sure, it’s all zippy and neat but it also will hold kids fairly easily, should that be a thing that is in our future. And, to be honest, it probably is. It’s a little spendy so we’ll definitely wait until Will’s car is paid off before we even consider something like that, but the erinmobile is serving me well right now and I’m hopeful my luck will hold. Honestly, a new car is something nice to think about maybe happening someday but I probably won’t really, really think about it until the erinmobile just refuses to go anymore. I don’t know. It’s scary, thinking about things like that. New cars and other assorted grown up trappings.

In fact, I feel guilty even writing that. I love my current car. But it’s 13 years old and has god knows how many miles on it. (Seriously, he’s the only one who would have any idea since the odometer doesn’t always work.)

Okay. This has been fun, thanks to, which is providing me a new kitten every hundred words. But I should probably go work on Big Writerly Project and then go to sleep. I’m fairly excited about sleep. I’m glad I moved to Omaha because it has totally given me Good Habits, like sleeping but not sleeping until noon, which jacks up your sleep schedule, and the gym and other assorted things. In fact, I may go to sleep now in order to get up early to work on Big Writerly Project. I do have to revamp that and also write Lovefool so tomorrow’s a big day. A big, worky day. I should also go get stuff for Thanksgiving dinner and it’s a circuit training day so tomorrow is going to be a hot mess for a Sunday. Thank goodness for a mid-week day off.

(I was totally tricked into working the day after Thanksgiving but the good news is that it’s only four hours. So all’s not lost…)


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