Erin Jameson is a girl who thinks her name looks stupid with capital letters. She likes sad songs and songs that Lil’ Wayne guests on. She spends far too much time messing around on the internet. She is a champion of cats and books you didn’t think you wanted to read and will try very, very hard not to dislike you.

Ms. Jameson also writes Lovefool, a column about love and comic books and other things, for PLAYBACK:stl. She will someday be a famous author if she will ever get off her butt and do something about becoming a famous author.

She does not live in St. Louis, instead living in Omaha with her husband and four cats and a year worth of music and a room full of books. Her favorite Blondie song is “Atomic” and she is Team Edward but really means Team Robert Pattinson Is So Hot when she says that. Her favorite color is blue, no, it’s green. No, it’s really pink but only a specific shade of pink. Erin Jameson is a girl who cannot make up her mind about such things and, besides, her favorite color is really sparkly.

And, yes, that says four.


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