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So I found out one of the bars I liked back home is closing. And I’m shockingly upset about it. I mean, I’m allowed to leave but everything there has to stay the same. Everyone else will be able to find themselves a new bar, they’ll traipse through Maplewood and South City and downtown finding whatever it is that’s out there to find and I won’t ever know what they’re finding.

And I guess that’s the problem with moving. Because nothing will stay the same. Except me and I’m so very far away.

I have other stuff to post about, like a bath stuff purchase and Friendsgiving and the Muppets movie but I think I just vaguely want to sulk. That’s fair, right?


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  1. Mike Rengel says:

    But we’ll keep you posted on new finds & take you there whenever you come back! There’s no possible way we’d all let you lose track of goings-on in the Lou. Promise.

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