It hurts to see you write so well.

Well, actually, it’s okay, that’s just a mangling of a British band’s silly lyric. Anyway.

Isn’t it weird how your friends have talents and you don’t know about them? Most of my friends are writers and a lot of them write for playback with me. But I’m just not used to seeing them write and write so beautifully and interestingly and skillfully. My writing’s decent but rambling and my friends are rocking out these little bite-sized fascinations and I’m impressed by them. But I hardly ever think about it until I read something particularly good and then I’m like “Holy cow, my friends are really awesome.” So maybe I should take more time and appreciate my buddies, yeah?


One thought on “It hurts to see you write so well.

  1. Mike Rengel says:

    I love the phrase ‘bite-sized fascinations’. Could be a Cure cover band.

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