Notes On a Lazy Sunday

1. It’s awfully hard to write one’s column when one knows their editor is on their way back from Chicago and will not be interested in posting it immediately or at all. It’s also hard to write one’s column when one is nursing the teensiest bit of a hangover and just wants to spend the whole damn day on the couch with Meowie reading romance novels.

2. We went out last night to what was kind of a work do for Mr. J. We took our friend, who is currently sorting some things out, and it was kind of weird. I had to bounce around a lot and was pretty concerned our friend was bumming but he insists it was fine. I still think it was weird but okay. I really liked one of the bands and another one, that is very good at what they do that is not my thing, is looking for a show in St. Louis this summer. I told them to contact the Firebird, which seems like where they would play, but know fuckall about getting someone set up with a show, other than that. My two takeaways from the night were that I need to stop drinking so much because I’m nominally pretty healthy otherwise and that doesn’t make much sense to drink with all that, I’m old and that I have something to tell my therapist about. I guess that’s three. But, look, Therapist! I left the house! I socialized with people! Many people!

2a. Who knew that that would end up being a thing that I actively had to work at, leaving the house and socializing with people? But, seriously, no, I don’t want to do anything ever. 

2b. I met a dj who didn’t know who Robyn was. What the hell.

3. But it was a work thing so there’s really a limit to how social I can be. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that hanging out with GC people is tricky, at best. And that’s, in turn, tricky for me. I’m not good at distance. Apparently, I’m getting better at it, though.

4. We are nursing a hardcore Diet Snapple addiction here at Jameson Towers. I might be freaking out a little because I am drinking THE SECOND TO LAST DIET SNAPPLE OMG.

5. I bought jeans this week and it wasn’t completely traumatic, just a little traumatic. And it might have even been edging towards not really traumatic at all. Except I accidentally bought a pair with fake front pockets. I’m considering making them real front pockets, though, because, hello, I like pockets. Ironically, the pair with pockets are skinny jeans that are ridiculous and I love them. 

5a. I wore my brand new skinny jeans out last night cuffed over some purple Chucks with a My Bloody Valentine t-shirt and my Pearl Izumi jacket. It was a pretty silly outfit. I even had a necklace with a little mixtape charm on it. 

6. I bought the necklace with the mixtape charm at Target and I always know when I’ve bought something age-inappropriate because it’s a pain in the ass to get out of the packaging.

7. Omaha has dried me out. Like, seriously, I’m having skin problems and hair problems and problems in general. It makes me feel gross and unattractive. I’m seriously considering giving myself one of those detox periods that Mr. BFF is always going on about. But part of that is probably just that it’s weird and dry and windy and that’s something I can’t help.

8. I learned a new thing at work but I really don’t want to talk about or think about work so that’s all I’m going to mention, I’m afraid.

Okay. So I have written things in list form, which is my favorite form and that’s what’s going on with me and I think I’m going to go back to my book and take some tylenol. Hooray.


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