Life’s a lol.

I was actually made a comic book character today by a dear friend of mine, which is probably the most exciting thing that will happen to me. It’s over on Facebook but maybe I’ll see if I can get permission to post it here. It’s a pretty perfect representation of me. My friend has managed to capture my slightly-pudgy-but-still-cute-and-also-fairly-cool self well.

And he gave “me” a jacket with a Union Jack patch, which delighted me. His work is, in theory, at pulp21 but it mostly seems to be on Facebook. The strip was funny, too. Very tongue-in-cheek. And…well, funny.

So that’s most of the interesting things that happened today. Friend at work was okay, had almonds for my afternoon snack, worked some on Big Writerly Project. I stayed up way too late reading about Kate Middleton’s clothes but what are you gonna do?

(The answer is “go to bed, silly.”)

Big Writerly Project is a big review for playback that I’m working on. I know there’s some mystery to the way I keep talking about it but the reality is less cool. My bffl was really excited because he thought I was working on a book. Sigh. I can barely keep this stuff in the air. Anyway, it’s going well, I think. I may also have a regular review up for the readin’ this week, too. Tomorrow marks my triumphant return to the gym, as well.

Eye of the tiger, sweeties, eye of the tiger.


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