Monday, Monday, Monday

It is 7:30 and I am writing this on my phone from bed. Do not write column, do not work on Big Writerly Project, do not pass 7:15. Do drink tea and read in bed with cats.

The first workday day of DST always hits me like this. There are worse things and my editor was cool but it will be astounding if I’m up past 8:30.

And, worst of all? The closest snack place to my department at Ft Moo was out of bananas when I went to go get one this afternoon. : ( Total first world problem, not having time to go to one of the other snack shops but, damn. Totally had me off my game. And then one of my friends left work in tears without a word and that was worrying indeed.

Only one Monday a week, though, yeah?


2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday, Monday

  1. Das Fraggle says:

    I thought we were supposed to gain an hour, but I’m pretty sure someone just stole noon – 3pm and moved it around to February.

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