Friday I’m in love.

Hi. I was going to write a bunch of stuff about how my job encourages bad habits and then decided that was stupid, that kind of almost-whining. Ridiculous. Especially since today has turned out so fun.

This morning, I kind of decided that I wanted to have a weenie roast with my neighbors.

So I sent a few texts and we had a weenie roast.

And I got Crispin cider, in the can (which is very important), from a Hyvee in Council Bluffs since it’s actually not available in Omaha. And some cheesy hot dogs. (I love the hot dogs with the cheese in the middle.) We sat around a fire and burned stuff and had approximately one s’more each, despite getting the makings for a million of them, and I’m still chilled to my very bones but I feel so…well, so Fridaytastic.

Now I am home tucked into bed and Meowie is giving me that “Oh, god, where have you been” look since I’ve been home for approximately two minutes this evening. I went to the gym and remembered to hit my inhaler before working out and today at work wasn’t entirely ridiculous and it’s Friday, Friday, Friday. Friday means two glorious days of slouching around or, in this case, watching Doctor Who for PLAYBACK.

Either way, if I had to pick, Friday would probably be my favorite day of the week. Sure, you do have to work but the morning zips by, because it’s Friday, and the afternoon stretches out tantalizingly and then you arrive at Friday night and, after Friday night, it’s Saturday morning! And Saturday morning is all sleeping in and then bowls of cereal and cartoons and sprawling out on the couch.

And you know what? I am not going to give myself any chores this weekend except for the aforementioned Doctor Who watching. I mean, that’s research.

Totally research.

(Things I left out of this blog: I spent the morning obsessing about when I used to smoke and why and what that was like. The fact that I’m pretty sure I met a stray cat tonight but also fed it a hot dog because I…well, I’m me. The chill tonight that totally confirmed that it’s winter. The part where we started planning Friendsgiving with the neighbors. That after Mr. J turned in for the night because it was too cold for him, I spent the night staring up at our bedroom window just to see what he was up to. That Juniper was really most of what I saw in said bedroom window.)


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